Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pie Club Theme Song

Thanks to Jess for our AWESOME Pie Club Theme Song!
I believe that this is sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island

I like to eat pies at the table
I like to eat pies made by Aunt Mable

I like to eat pies made with fruit
But not pies cooked with eye of newt

I like to eat pies with a warm buttery crust
Lots of butter is a must

I like my pies yummy and sweet
I do not like my pies filled with meat!

I like to eat pies while going for a walk
But about pie club we must not talk!


Tracy H said...

I luff it!

PS-- I also vote Marie Callendar as our Pie Mascot!!!

Pie Guru said...

Marie Callendar it is....but you have to leave a deposit for the tin! ;)

Jane said...

Ok, marie callendar who is that?? See, norwegians really don't do pies alot, so i'm venturing into uncharted waters

Cindy Karasz said...